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Death of the Music Listener ~ 2017-08-14
How long has it been since you listened to a song? A day? An hour? Maybe you're listening right now. Or are you? Back in the late 70's and 80's, the hifi (High Fidelity) home stereo was the thing to have. You needed big speakers and a good amplifier.....continued
My quest for new music writing software ~ 2015-07-08
At the start of June I got fed up with the PowerTracks music writing software I've been using for the last 10 years because I upgraded to the new version, and the list of bugs I sent them a year ago had not been fixed; not a single one of them! In fact,.....continued
Food, clothing and shelter: Now what? ~ 2014-09-20
In a fledgling society, everybody works hard just to survive. Arrive in a new land, plant crops, increase herds, find shelter, stave off disease; do your best not to die. There is not much crime, for there is nothing to steal. There is not much art,.....continued
The New Liars ~ 2014-01-14
Today I coincidentally came across two unrelated web sites that do the same thing: They call it 'satire' but I call it telling the truth made to look like a lie which is pretending to be the truth. I admit, their label is catchier.

Those creative types ~ 2014-01-12
There seems to always be an element of society that lives on the fringes. They don't fit the mold; they don't follow the crowd. I'm talking about the creative types. People who see no reason to do something a certain way just because it's always been.....continued
The Right To Defend Ourselves ~ 2013-03-12
The Declaration of Independence nicely sums up the three basic categories of our inalienable rights as Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (also interpreted as ownership of property.) There is no point in having a right without the ability to.....continued
Circulation: What Goes Around, Comes Around ~ 2012-11-29
So I bought a used treadmill yesterday. For a while I've been thinking about trying something like that, because I have trouble sitting in front of the computer all day. I don't know if it's an issue with my circulation or what, but the longer I sit,.....continued
A Wicked and Adulterous Generation ~ 2012-11-15
I've heard the phrase all my life; it's used by Christ in The New Testament, Matthew 16:4. It's also used in The Book of Mormon, Mosiah 1:13 and similar phrases such as 'evil and adulterous' are used as well. Until the other day I never stopped to think.....continued
How Obama Won A Second Term ~ 2012-11-15
In no point in my life has it been made clearer that the majority of the people have chosen evil than in the elections last week.

Just in case you live under a rock or you're reading this years in the future, this election was Barack Obama going for.....continued

Sometimes I Forget ~ 2012-10-01
Sometimes I forget what a great place I live in:

In all I hear of scary world events, sometimes I forget that I still live in a place where I can walk from one side of town to the other at any time of the day or night without fear of getting mugged.


The Importance of Prejudice ~ 2012-09-30
Value judgements; we all make them every day. "What's the best kind of car to get? Who will be the best little league coach? Who will be the best employee? Should I trust this salesman? Should I date or marry this person? How should I discipline.....continued
A Sickening Realization ~ 2012-09-21
This morning in my personal scripture study I was reading in the Book of Mormon, Alma chapter 14. In this chapter Alma and Amulek have just had a big confrontation with the lawyers and.....continued
We're All Just A Bunch Of Filthy Criminals ~ 2012-03-21
It started me thinking when I got another speeding ticket the other day. The cops like to camp out on a back stretch of road and wait for unsuspecting victims. You know the place; there's one in your town too. And so I'm asking myself, who is that.....continued
Space Filler Makes Headlines ~ 2011-08-10
Well, I was developing this web site and I needed some space filler to see how the page layout would look with text on it. For one of the columns I did the logical thing and went and grabbed some lorem ipsum, but.....continued
Unnatural Selection ~ 2011-07-30
In biology class in school we learned about natural selection; the process by which organisms that do no function properly are eliminated from the life cycle. An animal born with a defect is not able to obtain food adequately, or not able to run fast.....continued
Conspiracy Theories ~ 2011-07-29
We here in the good ol' U.S. of A. believe that our leaders are generally good. We expect that those who have been scrutinized, analyzed, approved, elected and appointed are worthy of their offices. After all, we have a democratic system in this country.....continued
7 Keys To Using A Camera ~ 2011-05-16
This semester I taught a digital photography class at the local junior college, EAC. I've never taught a class on this before, but I've done a lot with video in my business and the same basic principles apply whether you're shooting video or stills......continued
Software that makes us stupid ~ 2011-05-16
One of my big gripes with the makers and marketers of technology is that they design software and interfaces with all sorts of presets and automatic features to do the thinking for you. This is the big lie of technology marketing: Our new product.....continued
Upside Down Nation ~ 2011-05-15
Everybody knows that you're supposed to spend less than you earn, right? It's not a new idea. Yet now we see that the inability to follow this simple principle has spread from low to mid income individuals to large corporations and worst of all, throughout.....continued
True Religion ~ 2011-04-29
What is the purpose of religion? I have heard it said that religion is just a way of controlling people. Many believe that religion is just a scam to gain income by playing on people's fears, or that it is nothing more than entertainment. Some people.....continued
My philosophy on the media industry ~ 2011-04-06
The music that you hear played on the airwaves is controlled by only a few large companies; they choose the artists that they think they can sell, and they shove these artists down our throats by playing the songs over and over until we get used to them......continued
Freedom, Faith and Control ~ 2011-04-06
History has shown - and all of us should know by our own experience - that any time there is too much power in one place it leads to abuses of that power. It doesn't matter how pure the intentions are to begin with; those with evil designs are always.....continued
Owning my own business ~ 2011-04-06
I dislike big business in general. With very few exceptions, I feel that big business (and big government) are among the most destructive forces in our society. They attempt to take away our personal freedoms and responsibilities in exchange for comfort;.....continued