The Music of Kelly Van Shaar

Important Links

Everybody has to have a page like this.

  Van Shaar Productions ~ This is the web site for my business. I do web design, video production, 3D graphics... and of course, music!!!  
  Clear Creek Canyon Press ~ Not to give away any big family secrets, but this is my dad's site, where he sells the books he has published since he retired from a lifetime of teaching religion classes to high school and college age kids. He has a great love and understanding of the scriptures.  
  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ~ This is the official site of the LDS or Moromon church, and is your single best source on the planet for accurate information on eternal truth.  
  Say What Is Truth ~ This site features a collection of links and some original articles, mostly dealing with the subjects of politics and government.  
  Download Firefox ~ Seriously, if you're still using Internet Explorer you just need to stop. How many viruses, browser hijacks, extra toolbars, popup windows and other forms of malware do you need?  
  ASDF ~ I always knew that asdf is what you type when you have nothing to say and you don't want to bother with lorem ipsum. But from this site I learned that it's so much more... including an ancient Hebrew prophecy about Volvos.  
  The Last Page Of The Internet ~ If you have never stood on the edge and looked off into the endless abyss, here is your chance.  
  Download The Internet ~ Because anybody who has ever said this had it coming. Be sure and wait for the error message... and remember, when the internet was born drive A: was a floppy disk.