You Are The Water

~ Laid-back rock with piano, guitar, drums and swoopy thing ~ 2020-06-11

Sometimes all we need for a fresh perspective is a change of metaphors.

Notes / Back story

Really, the song tells it's own story. What could I add?



We were sitting by a small creek,
My friend and I, one day.
I was throwing little rocks
To change the current's way.

But no matter how many I threw,
The little stream didn't care.
It just kept right on flowing
'Til I gave up in despair
And said,

This is the state of my life right now!
Nothing I do makes a difference at all!
Each rock I toss is a flailing attempt!
That little stone; useless, alone!

Then she said to me...
You are the water.
You are the water.
You're not a pebble pushed by the current;
You are the water.

(Who, me?
No, I'm not the water.
Every ripple I make vanishes in an instant.
You've got it all backwards.)


How dare you sprinkle sunshine
on my rainy day parade?
I've been listing my grievances one by one
As I chucked those rocks away.

But a fleeting flood of faith
Flows up from far inside
forcing my fears to flee
With a feeling I can not fight.

I am the water.
I am the water.
I can't be frustrated by the flow,
I am the water.

I am the water.
I am the water.
I'm not a pebble pushed by the current;
I am the water.



Endless and clear,
unyielding flow.
Eternal. Determined
to go where I go.

Bring life,
Give hope unto all
Rise with grace
From every fall.

Be good! Be great!
Nourish a friend.
Overcome. Find a way.
See the end!

You are the water.
You are the water.
You are strong on your own,
For you are the water.

You are the water.
You are the water.
You can wear away the stone,
For you are the water.

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