I Have Known Love

~ Ballad (Piano, Strings, Clarinet, More Strings) ~ 2022-11-17

Gratitude for all the good things.

Notes / Back story

Reflections on good memories and hope for the future.  When confronted by so much error in the world, it's nice to know what truth is and what love feels like.



Oh, when I was young, they said,
Life is long, they said,
Slown down and take time 
To make friends and you'll find
Someone special.
Something special.
That you can one day call your own.
They said, 
We have lived, we have loved,
And you'll know that it's real 
someday when you feel it; 

It's worth it to wait 'til you know.

And you will know love.
You will know love.
You will know love.
You will know love.

So as I grew up well I
Always tried to find
Friends who had hearts and minds
That were good and kind
And love them.  

As heaven would have me to do.

So I lived, and I loved, 
And it's true that I knew,
I knew it when I felt it;   

It was worth it to work 'til I knew.

And I knew love.  
I knew love. (3x)


And when I think of all the joy I've known
I scarcely can contain
My gratitude for all I've felt
And all that I have gained,
Trials come and chances go, but
I've no reason to complain.
Here on this hill, ever I will remain.

I have known love. (4x)


I have lived, I have loved,
And I know it, I know it when I feel it; 

It's worth it to feel it again.

I have known love. (4x)

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