Empty Eyes

~ Soft rock / country ~ 2011-05-19

Just when you think you know someone...

Notes / Back story

Yeah, this really happened. Actually more than once in various ways, but one time specifically that inspired the song as I was driving home. The earliest file date I have on this is July of 2005, but I think I wrote the beginnings of it a month or two before that.

I think this song tells it's own story pretty well. Danielle doesn't like it... she says she doesn't like the music, especially the electric guitar and the story makes her feel sad for me. I think sometimes the sad stories are the ones that resonate the most with other people, though. It's nice to know you're not the only one.

The thing I really want to convey with the music is "sweet peace in spite of sadness." The music is happier than you might think it should be considering the story. That's because to me the important thing is not how you are treated, but how you react. And what better reaction to a betrayal by someone you love than to write a happy song about it? The important thing is, I am ok and I wish her well in spite of the pain. I'm sure she had her reasons.

Moving on.


Since the first time that I met you
There's been a raging fire, burning in my soul
Like nothing that I have known
And oh, how our love has grown
You took me in, you filled me up and made me whole.

I couldn't wait to get back in town to see you
Anticipation freely taking flight
Suddenly there was nothing there
It hit me from nowhere
When I saw what I couldn't see tonight.

Empty eyes,
Empty eyes,
Much to my surprise
I could not get through, anymore to you
Nothing there but cold and empty eyes.

I think of all the things our love was made of;
The big and small discoveries we've shared
It just does not seem right
That you could turn off the light
And leave me standing there as though you never cared.

I see empty eyes,
empty eyes,
Much to my surprise,
I can't get through
Any more to you
Why did you kill the love and show me empty eyes?


Well you know it was true
And that it was all for you
Is there nothing; nothing; nothing I can do?
You can lie to yourself, and maybe
everybody else, but baby
Save your breath on me, cuz baby
I can see

But I just can't take those cold and empty eyes.


Maybe it's me that you're afraid of
I think you're running from yourself
And the things so deep and real
You know that you're gonna feel
When you open up to lovin' someone else.

I hope someday
You will find
A love that fills your heart and mind
Like our love did
'Til you got rid
Of all we had, and gave me just those beautiful, those big and

Empty eyes,
Empty eyes
You're wearing a disguise
Well, my heart bleeds
And our love dies
Nothing there but lonely, empty eyes.


Empty eyes
Empty eyes
Much to my surprise
I can't get through,
Any more to you,
And I just can't take those cold and empty eyes.

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