Growing Patient

~ a peppy little piano number ~ 2010-08-22

Shopping around for the good one makes more sense than buying lots of cheap ones... especially when it comes to love.

Notes / Back story

I had the original idea for this one in the spring of 2007 after moving to Safford, AZ to be close to my kids. Actually it was originally two song ideas. The main one had the 'Growing Patient' chorus and the other one was just the phrase "Something really nice about getting what you want." I revisited this over the years and eventually had the idea of putting them together. Then it took me a while longer to sit down and finish off the lyrics and put the whole thing together. Here's an interesting tidbit: I woke up on a Sunday morning and thought about how well this song would fit with a lesson I was going to teach in church that day. So I finished it off, recorded the accompaniment, and it had its debut performance for a group of about 8 guys in their 20's and 30's. Good thing church didn't start until 11.


(verse 1)
It seems that usually in my life
I have not shopped around a lot.
I hit the bargain store, make a quick choice and out the door;
No point in asking for what they don't got.

I thought I was getting by pretty cheaply
In only taking what came easy
Back to the bargain store to replace the thing that broke
Another day, another deal; what a joke;

(verse 2)
If I always settle for what I see
That's be all that there will ever be
But if I hold out, firm and strong
I know a better thing will come along.

Cuz the problem with instant gratification
Are the limited options for my satiation
And the longer it will take to get what I really want
If I am too short on patience.

So I am growing patient;
Patient, patient -
Patient, patient.
I am growing patient.

Because there's something really nice about
Getting what you want.

(verse 3)
So take your time and shop around
And find the very best one in town
And when you find it, up and pay
Before the opportunity slips away.

Grab it tight, head for the door
Cuz you got just what you're looking for.
The best things in life are never cheap
You pay the price in work and sow just what you reap

So I am growing patient....

No, you can't grab love
You have to grow it
And you can't grab knowledge
You gotta get to know it
And you can't grab experience
You have to go through it
And you can't grab success,
You have to do it
And it may requre some patience....

Because there's something really nice about
Getting what you want.

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