You Deserve A Better World

~ Soft Rock ~ 2015-02-08

We've all seen young kids growing up in horrible circumstances and wanted to somehow, do something to make it better.

Notes / Back story

This one was written by my brother Nathan while he was serving a mission in Indiana. He originally called is "Misty's Song / Vermilya Trapped" because Misty was the name of the little girl in the song and Vermilya was the name of the trailer park where she lived. I decided to change the title on this version to something that was actually in the lyrics to make it easier to remember. Nate recorded himself on audio cassette singing this and playing it on the piano somewhere around 1992. I transcribed it and made an SATB a capella arrangement back in '96 and then revised it in 2001, and taught it to a group I had put together called "e-merge" (see some of our recordings on this site). We only performed this once or twice, as it isn't much of a crowd pleaser, and I don't have a good recording of it. I decided that now would be a fitting time to do a new arrangement and a solo recording.


I see you most every day, hey...
And think this is no place
Sweet, beautiful little girl,
You deserve a better world.

Eyes bright as a star, ah...
Yes, you could go far,
Farther than you've been told
I can see it though you're only six years old.

But your mommy ain't got no money,
Your daddy ain't been seen in sometime,
And I can help but think
That I wish you were mine.

But I'm not your daddy,
And that makes me sad
'Cause I could give you a chance
That you have never had.


So tonight I'm asking
In my simple prayer
That when you feel alone
Our Daddy in Heaven will be there.

Do do do do do do....

Visitor Comments

Deb Adams from United States ~ 2015-02-22 20:12:49 ~ Thank you Kelly for this motivating song. It makes me want to be a better parent and teacher. Thank you. Sincerely, Debbie Adams

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