Let The Little Ones Come Unto Me

~ Religious, Peaceful ~ 2016-07-27

Jesus called the little children to come unto Him, and we must all do likewise. My arrangement of a song by Angie Killian.

Notes / Back story

I recently saw a post in a Facebook group from a Angie Killian, a young mother who had written this song and posted it here: FreeLDSSheetMusic.org. She wrote it as a simple song for children, but as I listened I heard in my head how neat it could sound with a larger orchestra, so I contacted her and asked her permission to do an arrangement and recording.

She agreed, and this is the result. Thanks, Angie!

Click here for instrumental version


When I think of Jesus, my Savior, my King
I like to imagine Him smiling
For He called the children to sit on His knee,
"Let the little ones come to me."
"Let the little ones come to me."
Come unto me,
Come unto me.

I wish I had been there as he blessed each child,
But inside my heart I feel His love.
As I read the scriptures I hear Him speak,
"Let the little ones come to me."
"Let the little ones come to me."
Come unto me,
Come unto me.


Draw near unto Jesus; He's waiting for you.
He has already come to your rescue.
As He called the children, He's calling you too,
"Oh, my little child, come to me."
"Oh, my precious one, come to me."
Come unto me,
Come unto me.
Come unto me,
Come unto me.

Visitor Comments

angiemaek from United States ~ 2018-03-03 16:59:54 ~ I just listened to this for the first time in a while. I love it! Thanks again for seeing what I couldn't.

A. R. Walser from United States ~ 2016-10-25 20:02:59 ~ I love this song Kelly! You singing it of course and the arrangement. ----------------------------------- Thank you! Do I know you?

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