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Can you catch the gay? ~ 2015-06-29

** WARNING: While I have attempted to keep all content PG, the subject material of this post may be uncomfortable for younger readers. The intended audience is adult. Unfortunately, our kids are being constantly attacked with false information on this topic, so it's probably something everybody needs to be talking about. **

Those who deal with same sex attraction have become very fond of saying they were born that way. There's nothing they can do about it and it's out of their control. It's just who they are and it will never change.

Fortunately, though, that's not true. Attraction is always in flux. No, literally. ALWAYS. Are you attracted to the same attributes as an adult that you were as a teenager? No, of course not. Your tastes changed with your age and experiences. Think of a person you're attracted to right now, as an adult. If you had seen this person as they are, right now, when you were, say, 14, would you have been the least bit interested in them? Would you have ever thought you would grow up to be interested in them? Probably not.

And yet, the internet is full of mockery for anyone who dares suggest that you can 'catch the gay' by association with other homosexual people. But somehow, the internet is also full of stories about people who married someone of the opposite sex (because they were attracted to them), had a family, then left the family and began living a gay lifestyle. How can both of these scenarios be real? Well, people claim their true self was "suppressed" and that they finally "discovered" that they were gay.

There are so many flaws with the idea of a person's physical attractions being set in stone. It's. Just. Not. True. And even if it was, so what? Is physical attraction somehow the ruling force in your existence? For decent, well-disciplined people whose lives are governed by choice and not by uncontrollable appetites, physical attraction is just the icing on the cake. It's nice, but you wouldn't want a whole cake made of just the icing. After a bite or two you'd be pretty grossed out, and then what would you do? A logical choice would be to try having mostly cake and just a little icing. But to those lost souls for whom the icing has become the only true goal, the solutions grow increasingly limited. Maybe icing of a different color or flavor. Or one with sprinkles on it. But none of it is fulfilling. They're stuck in a never-ending spiral of self-satisfaction, constantly moving on to the next new thing. Things got stale with that brunette? You should have tried the blonde. Still not happy? Maybe the redhead. Did she fail to fulfill your needs? Maybe you don't like girls at all. Whatever it takes to get a new thrill.

In this light, homosexuality is not really the problem. It's the symptom to a more basic problem I discussed in a previous article entitled A Wicked And Adulterous Generation, which states that the problem is a nearly universal acceptance of sexual sin. The person is using sexual drives to fill emotional needs. Sexual addiction, like drug addiction, is all about looking for the next conquest in an endless search for fulfillment.

What would you think if you heard someone say, "I never abused substances until later in life. Some bad stuff happened to me and I was looking for an escape. I found it, and discovered that I've always been an addict. I just didn't know it before. Now I am truly happy."

If same-sex attraction is something you're born with then why are gays always looking for converts? How do you explain people who turn to homosexuality later in life? Honestly, you can't have it both ways. But since it's so important for homosexuals to retain the 'victim' mentality (there's nothing I can do about it! It's just the way I am!) they made up a new classification. You're bisexual. That means you can be attracted to guys or girls. Convenient, right? Still not finding fulfillment? Maybe you're transgender. Your spirit is in the wrong body. OOPS! We can't say 'spirit', because that denotes the existence of God, which indicates that he somehow put you in the wrong body. Not a very god-like behavior, to be making mistakes like that. So we're gonna have to call it an accident of nature. Anything, ANYTHING but calling it a choice, or a learned behavior, or --gasp-- a mental illness. So people are led down endless swirling paths on a fruitless journey of supposed self-discovery, becoming increasingly distant from who they really are.

Just this last week, the Supreme Court handed down a ruling which stated that same-sex marriage has the same legal standing as marriage between a man and a woman. One of the repercussions of this ruling will be that gays will now seek to force their way into schools through literature, videos and sex education classes. Your child will be exposed to dozens if not hundreds of images and stories designed to do accustom him or her to the idea of same-sex relationships.

But this shouldn't matter, right, because unless your kids are already gay it won't affect them. That's what proponents of the gay lifestyle would have us believe, but they know full well that it's complete nonsense. Of course they want your kids to be converted to their lifestyle, because that increases their dating pool and decreases the amount of opposition they will face. In order to justify themselves they must perpetuate the lie. And wickedness loves company.

Those of us who are trying to raise our children with healthy attitudes towards physical attraction and sex have just had our jobs made a lot more difficult. We don't warn kids against experimenting with drugs because we think they will hate it. Quite the opposite. If everybody hated doing drugs it wouldn't be much of a problem in society. In the same way, we warn people to avoid all types of deviant sexual acts because there is a high probability that they will be caught up in the cycle of self-gratifying pleasure, followed by guilt and self loathing, followed by feelings of emptiness that lead to a search for greater self-gratification. Alcoholics and other substance abusers know this cycle all too well, as do compulsive gamblers, compulsive eaters and many other types of addicts.

There are some who are born with or develop a tendency to fall into substance abuse, but that does not make them hopeless, lifelong users. Some are born with or develop a tendency for same-sex attraction or other forms of deviant sexual behavior, but that does not make them hopeless, life-long, incurable victims. We all have choice in these matters. Yes, freedom of choice. That phrase we hear so often from those advocating a lifestyle of voluntary slavery to physical desires. However, our best choice is to follow the advice of good parents, leaders and teachers who warn us never to experiment with these things because of their addictive, destructive nature.

But even for those who don't heed the warnings (or, through the neglect of their parents and teachers, don't ever get them) there is still hope. Attraction is still fluid. Even though it may take time for the cravings to fade, you can change what you want to change. People do it all the time, and more importantly, you can replace what you want now with something you want more.

So yes, of course you can 'catch the gay'. Most homosexuals have introduced more than one person--often a young, impressionable person--to the lifestyle). And of course they justify it by saying their converts were already like that and just didn't know it. But you can also catch alcoholism, and many other addictions.

Opponents are fond of saying "You already had that tendency and just didn't know it," to which the dwindling number of us not currently caught up in the insanity reply, "Yes, and so does everyone else! THAT'S WHAT WE'VE BEEN TRYING TO WARN YOU ABOUT!"

Everybody has tendencies towards various addictive, self-destructive behaviors. Hopefully we have enough sense not to set out to discover them all.