Frequently Asked Questions

If you do so much video work, why aren't there more music videos for your songs?
Because I do so much video work.

Sorry, that was kinda smart-alecky. What I mean to say is, I shoot video and do web sites for money; I write songs for other reasons as detailed elsewhere on this site. They take a lot of time, and if I made really nice music videos for all my songs, well then that would take a lot longer, either meaning you would get less finished songs or I would have less income.

If you feel you have a better financial model than what I'm currently working with, please try it out first and if it works for you, let me know how you did it. Thanks!!!

Also, a lot of the time I would prefer that you close your eyes and really listen to my songs rather than half-listening and half-watching while texting, eating and riding an exercise bike. The kind of single-mindedness I'm asking for was already on its way out in generation X (that's mine - the MTV generation) and it's almost gone in generation Y (my kids - the multicore hyperthreading generation). That's why I'm giving specific instructions on how to do something that people 30 years ago would have done naturally. Hey, call me old-fashioned; I think there is value on focusing on only one thing for several minutes at a time.

Now eat them grits and get out the door. You got 15 cows to milk before sunup so you can start walking them 5 miles barefoot in the snow to the schoolhouse.

Are these really questions people frequently asked, or questions I frequently hoped they would ask? Maybe both.

I would like to start doing some of my own recordings but I don't have a lot of money to invest. What are your recommendations?

What is your family situation?

If you do so much video work, why aren't there more music videos for your songs?

Who are your greatest musical influences?

What hardware / software do you use?

How long does it take you to write and record a song?

What process do you go through in writing a song?

I notice that a lot of your music has Christian messages and/or scriptural references. What are your religious affiliations?

I want to do something artsy, but I don't think I have a creative or musical bone in my body. How do I get started?