Tiny Little Box

~ blues rock ballad ~ 2011-04-02

A kinda humorous - possibly even Seussuian - look at the sad and self-destructive ways we sometimes avoid dealing with pain.

Notes / Back story

I owe a lot of the philosophy on this one to a great author, M. Scott Peck. In his book 'The Road Less Traveled' he says that one of the key challenges in life is how we learn to deal with pain. He states that growth comes through accepting pain and challenge as a part of the growing experience of life. Many people seem to have the idea that pain, adversity, conflict, confrontation and even painful communication are all horrible, unfair things to be avoided at all costs. They develop skewed views of the entire mortal experience in order to justify their misguided thinking.

Once you accept the fact that life is difficult, the fact that life is difficult no longer matters."

Or in the words of Wesley from 'The Princess Bride:' "Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something."

Those who have constructed an entire world view based on these false notions are constantly offended by those of us who choose to face problems head-on and are willing to experience the pain to achieve the growth.


It starts with anger and resentment or it may start with fear
And then it goes to blaming others and continues from there
It stems from a desire to eliminate pain
You close the doors to love and hope and flush your faith down the drain
There are those who say it's nothing and to leave it alone,
But I say

Ah, ah ah ah,
It is a disease
Ah, ah ah ah,
A runaway disease

You tell yourself you're standing tall while running away
You find you're hiding from the darkness in the middle of the day
You say, "Hey, look at me, I have conquered my fears!
I was afraid once, yeah, then I came and hid in here!"
Who cares if it makes sense, as long as you have your pretense?

Ah, ah ah ah,
You got the disease
Ah, ah ah ah,
Runaway disease

"Gonna shut myself in a cardboard box
With my hands on my ears just in case somebody knocks
And I'll scream and I'll scream so they can't be heard
And I'll never ever listen to a single word,
Don't you tell me that I'm wrong, or you know what I'll do.
Gonna get in my box and hide from you!"

You're a hero,
At least you say so
You stand with one triumphant fist high in the air
But you can't face the truth at all
Or your coward's crown would fall
So you pretend a victory
When none is there.

(instrumental chorus)

Your disease is the emotion that you never can show
Your disease is the love that you never will know
But in your imitation world, with your imitation truth
You can imitate a happy life, yeah you can raise the roof
And thow a party for your angry, lonely, pathetic self
But I say

Ah, ah ah ah,
You got the disease
Ah, ah ah ah,
Runaway disease

Cuz you're stuck in your box, in your tiny little box
With nothing but your anger and stinky pair of socks
And it smells in there cuz you can't get any air
But you're afraid to feel and afraid to care
You're afraid of failure, and afraid of success
And you're afraid of being afraid

And the worst part of all is after years in there
You publish your memoirs and say that life was never fair
How someone forced it all on you,
The horrible things they put you through
Though it is pretty clear to see
You chose your own destiny
Though nothing in your box can prove you wrong
You've got this song

oh oh oh,
You've got the disease.

I am a little sorry for you
But I'm happy for me
It's just too bad you never knew
How good life could be

I am free
To face my fears
And I am free
To feel the pain
I am free
To shed my tears
And free to
Learn from my mistakes
I am free

I am free
Outside the box reality
I am free
I am free.

Visitor Comments

KCVS from United States ~ 2012-04-21 14:50:03 ~ I want to point out to anyone else who visits this site that there is sometimes a faint squeaky voice in the background.

MVS from United States ~ 2011-08-21 17:51:43 ~ BVS and I had a talk about dealing with reality and not in a state of self deception. On a musical note we especially liked the little in the box voice in the background.

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