Miracles Do Happen

~ Soft rock ~ 2004-10-04

Sometimes we meet just the right person at just the right time.

Notes / Back story

I used to write songs as a kid; then when I got into college I began making acappella arrangements of popular songs to sing with various groups. As the years went by, I began working more and more and writing less and less. Then things started to fall apart in my marriage and I didn't write at all. After my wife (at the time) informed me that she was quitting, we separated and I began to see a distant light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. This was the first song of my new phase of music writing: solo music with instrumental accompaniment.


You were in a lonely time
You were in a busy life
Oh, the people could not see, 'cause they were caught up in the rush
And you always seem to smile, but you've been covering so much
You've been a friend to those in need, but you've got needs all of your own
And even when you're in a crowd, you find you're feeling all alone

Then I came by
And I sat down
And suddenly
You turned around

And there were fireworks and symphonies and mountaintops and open seas
And waterfalls and thunderclouds and rock and roll was playing loud
And all the world began to fade 'til it was quiet and we stayed
And for a moment nothing else was real at all

And a miracle happened
Like miracles do
It happened to me
And it happened to you
And even though we can't see
How to find our way through
If we just believe -

I was in a lonely time
I was in a busy life
And there were rules I had to keep and obligations to fulfil
But I was reaching out for warmth to help me fight the constant chill
And you were there just when I needed you, and told me what I needed you to
There was nothing left to say, so we got up and walked away.

But I was healed
And I had hope
And you were gone
But I could cope

And even though you said goodbye it felt a lot more like hello
And no, I cannot tell you why, but there are some things I just know
And if only things were diff'rent, then, well, you know what I mean...
And then you turned your head and said to me:

Miracles do happen
Yes miracles do
They happen to me
And they happen to you
And even though we can't see
How to find our way through
If we just believe -

Well, time is passing by and still I think of you each day
And the sacrifice you made for me to help me on my way
You've probably forgotten me, you’re dealing with the pain
Of thinking our chance never came, or just went down the drain

But you don't know
How close I am
'Cause I found you
And someday soon I'll see your face again.

A shy approach and quick reply
And both of us will wonder why
It took so long to find this place
Where we could see the other's face

And big surprise and happy days
Enjoying just the other's gaze
And we'll be dancing in a crowd
And both of us will laugh out loud

When miracles happen
When miracles happen

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