Minecraft (Y U Gotta B So Mean).mp3

~ Techno ~ 2017-06-16

There are so many ways to die in Minecraft; some of them irritating and others hilarious, but always with a helpful message from the server.

Notes / Back story

For years I've enjoyed playing Minecraft with my kids and their friends. But there sure are a lot of ways to die. I don't know how or why this song came to me, but well... here it is. It needs an awesome video and then I could be famous on YouTube. Maybe I'll do that someday.


I love my Minecraft
But I don't think I
Have ever played a game
With so many ways to die.

You can die from falling
Or die from flying
Or die while riding a horse
You can die from drowning
Or die in lava
Or die from starvation of course.

There's creepers and zombies and skele's and spiders
witches and wolves, evokers and and slime.
Guardians, blazes, ghasts and a dragon
Pigmen and shulkers and... I'm out of time.

Good luck surviving your first night, noob!
Try remember where you dropped your stuff!

Why you gotta be so mean?

Once I was on a cliff
And a creeper blew up behind me.
I lived through the blast, but died from the fall
and they never did find me.

Once I was raiding a desert temple
Disabling the traps is simple.
My dog followed me into the pit
Set off the trap, and boom! that was it.

Once, I was running through the nether
With a stone sword and without any armor
A ghast shot a fireball at me,
but it hit a pigman zo-hom-bie

The pigman got angry, and called to his friends
They all came running, and that was the end.

Why you gotta be so mean?

One time, in a desert land
I saw me some floating sand
I climbed up to put a sign there
And we all came tumbling through the air.

I let my health get low
Working all night on a castle
jumped off a tiny wall and died.
What a hassle.

One time, no, this happens a lot
I rode my horse into a cave and got caught
With my head in a block; it's complicated
But before long, I suffocated.

And of course I respawned back at my base
And now my horse is lost is a cave somewhere.
And she was my favorite horse
and she was pure white and her name was Frostiana.

You gotta help me find her, guys!
Everybody, we gotta go look for her!

Why you gotta be so mean?

I suffocated when sand fell on my head
I tried to swim in lava
I withered away, I was struck by lighting
I fell out of the water

I was stabbed to death by a cactus
I experienced kinetic energy
I was squashed by a falling anvil
I was attacked by ugly fairies

I exploded myself with fireworks
I was killed by a witch with magic
I was starved while waiting for my wheat to grow
I got stuck in a redstone contraption

I was laser-shocked by a one-eyed fish
I was hit with a shovel while playing spleef
I was killed by my friend on purpose
I fell out of the world.

And it did not take me long 'til I had learned
When you touch a flaming zombie, you get burned.

Why you gotta be so mean?
Why you gotta be so mean?
Why you gotta be so mean?
You can die while doing almost anything.

But oddly enough, you can fall from any height into a tiny puddle of water and it won't hurt at all.
Otherwise, it's far more dangerous than the real world.

And where is the undo?
On my server, keepInventory is set to TRUE.

Why is the 'throw' key right next to the movement keys?
I can't tell you how many times I have accidentally tossed my level 30 enchanted pick into the ocean, or into the lava!

And I still miss you, Frostiana.

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