Second Best Friend

~ Piano Ballad ~ 2017-09-21

What do you do when you're permanently in the friend zone? Write poetry.

Notes / Back story

A friend of mine who shall remain nameless gave me a thing he had written kinda free-form, somewhere between a stream of thought and poetry, and asked if I could make a song out of it. I could. Do you want to know how the story ends? Well... they stayed friends.


My friend
My lonely friend (lovely friend)
Do you know how much you mean to me, my friend? (How much I love you, my dear friend?)

Well, of course not.
I never told you.
I never showed you.
We have gone all this time
Just being friends.

Oh, I guess I may have dropped a hint or two
But I knew I never had a chance with you
Cause no guy with a brain would ever leave you alone
And honestly... what would you see in me?

So I watched as you chose chose someone else
And said to myself, "Oh, well, I guess. Lucky him."

But I had to hide the tears I cried.
As the days rolled on and the time went by
You were gone, but I never moved on.

And suddenly, I see you're coming back again.
That guy has got to be the stupidest of men.
And I hurt for you when I heard how he broke your heart
But deep wihin me there grows a brand new start.
Can it be, time for me?
I hope you think about it seriously.

Oh, I know I'm rushing things
And I'll give you time
While you heal your broken wings
(My friend)

But when the pain is gone,
I fear you'll be... flying on
To some new guy.
Hope he treats you right.

But if you could love me
Then you'd finally see
All the things I have kept inside
Otherwise, I can be happy for you,
But I'll always wish I was that guy.

Oh, I know you would hurt if you knew how it hurts me
So I'll make sure that you never see

In my heart I'll shout that I love you
I'll always love you
But from my lips you'll only hear
"My best friend."
My best friend.

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