My Ancestry

~ Religious ballad with piano ~ 2017-08-02

A simple song about the joys of family history / genealogy / ancestry

Notes / Back story

My friend Angie Killian had written this song as more of a simple song for children and sent it to me for review. I thought it just needed a little more pizzaz and a few tweaks to the lyrics and it could work as a piece for an older audience. I don't think she ended up liking that funky thing I did with her chord progression but she was nice about it!



When I hear the stories
Of those who came before me
And of their faith and diligence,
It gives me strength to live.

And when I see their pictures
Or hold our fam'ly treasures
I feel them drawing near to me,
And know that they still live.

As I learn my ancestry
Heaven's light descends on me
I can see who I can be
When they return to me.


I will try to find them
So priesthood keys can bind them
To make a chain of family
That stretches through the years

And someday when I meet them
With open arms I'll greet them.
For I will know them instantly
They are so dear to me.

As I learn my ancestry
Heaven's light descends on me
Loved ones lost in history
Have now returned to me.

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