Now Is The Time

~ soft rock ballad ~ 2010-11-15

A good old fashioned love song for Danielle.

Notes / Back story

Since the time my first wife announced she was leaving in the fall of 2004, (something I later found out she had been planning for years) I had looked forward to the time when I could be married to someone who loved me and I could love in return. It took a few years and a move to another state to hammer out the details, but in the fall of 2007 I met Danielle. I had the original inspiration for this song while we were dating; It helped me to make up my mind. Then life got busy and it took me 3 years to get back and finish it!


And you were there
Hit me from the inside
Came out of nowhere
Tears of joy that I cried
And you found me
And you found me
Even though I did not know
That I was lost.

But now you're here
And there's no denying
And It's so clear
No point in trying
And there's no fear
Feels like I'm flying
When you are near
When you are near

I see that
Now is the time
It took so long for me to find
But now is the time
There is no doubt in my mind
Yes, now is the time
I could see the truth if I was blind
That now is the time
For you and me.

Is this what people mean
When they sing about true love
Like I've never seen
This me and you love
All those movies
And the love songs
They just did not get it right
They had me lookin' for something else.

This is nothing
Like I've heard about
Or maybe it is
And I was missing out
Until I felt it
I never could
Never understood.
Never understood.

I see that
Now is the time
More than I thought I could ever feel
Now is the time
It's a thing so obvious and real
Now is the time
And I see my heart begin to heal
'Cause now is the time
For you and me.

This is not a maybe
This is not a hope
This is not a someday,
This is something I know.

It feels like coming home
To a place that I havee always known
Here with you today
And there is nothing standing in our way
I know you feel it too
And I am as surprised as you to find
That now is the time
For you and me.

Now is the time
For you and me.

Visitor Comments

SVS from United States ~ 2011-05-26 23:33:04 ~ My favorite! Great Job and a great woman to inspire you! My favorite part of the song is THIS IS NOT A MAYBE....THIS IS SOMETHING I KNOW. I think that is the most powerful part of the song. I love the lyrics I COULD SEE THE TRUTH IF I WAS BLIND. Love it! You are great.

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