An Easter Tale

~ Religious, church-appropriate, piano ~ 2020-04-18

Just another Easter church song

Notes / Back story

A single-adults church group in Tucson decided to write a poem/song together for an Easter activity. The lyrics were a group effort and Stan Kartchner set it to music. I volunteered to do a recording of it for them. Well, in the process (as usually happens with these things) I spent more time on it than I needed to and ended up tweaking the lyrics and accompaniment.



Jesus laying in the tomb,
His body torn and bruised.

Outside confusion all around,
His loved ones dreading the news.

The soldiers standing by the room,
Keeping all at bay.

An angel came and caused a quake
To roll the stone away.


I am the first, I am the last,
From Kolob's sphere to Earth.

And glory streams from heav'n above
To give you each new birth.

He is the first, He is the last,
From Father's presence to Earth.

With glory streaming from afar
He gave us each new birth.


Two women, both named Mary came,
To say a last goodbye.

They met the glorious angel,
Who looked them in the eye.

And said that blessed Jesus
Was no longer there.

He had risen in the clouds
And granted his mother's prayer.



The women told the apostles,
He was risen from the grave.

And then He came and spoke to them,
With tender words to save.


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