May You Always Believe

~ Religious ballad, orchestra with piano ~ 2020-08-20

A song of hope for my kids, growing up in an uncertain world.

Notes / Back story

This one has been on my mind for a while now. Maybe a year or two, the main chorus bouncing around in my head, never written down but just thinking I ought to do something with it. Well, with my youngest child just graduating high school in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown, this seemed like the perfect time.

My hope for all of my kids is that, no matter what hard times they may face, for whatever reason, they may remember God's love for them and hold to the things they know are true.


When you were young
You learned of God's love
Your parents did for you
The best they could do.

Now you are grown.
Starting life on your own.
And I hope that you'll take with you
All the love you've known.

But the world can be a tricky place
And there may be times you'll fall on your face
When darkness comes and you can't see your path
And your peace is all but gone...

May you always believe,
May you always believe.
Though His hand may be hard to see,
May you always believe.

Fear and anger
Only make your vision blur.
I hope that you'll learn to let go
Of anything holding you back.

Now, giving up
May seem logical at first.
But I hope that you'll always know
God will make up what you lack.

When you see the whole world blowing apart
It can be so hard to find peace in your heart
And when you watch your heroes fall
It may seem pointless to try at all.

But may you always believe,
May you always believe.
Though the road may be hard to see
May you always believe.

And when you are hurt
Forgive anyway
When you're discouraged
Try another way
When you are lonely
Love anyway
When you are tired
Allow yourself to rest.
But always believe.

(Instrumental break)

All around you
There are those in despair.
The more that the world forgets,
You'll find them everywhere.

But don't let them drain you.
Hold strong and you'll be blessed.
You can only give
That which you possess.

Oh, and if you find out in the end
I fell short from all that I might have been
Please look past my faults; hold on to what's true,
And if need be, I will do the same for you.

And always believe.
Always believe.
Always believe,
Always believe.

Visitor Comments

Kolifus from United States Of America ~ 2020-08-22 20:46:50 ~ A very important message! Thanks for all you taught us at home and for believing in us!

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