Looking For Jupiter

~ Piano Ballad ~ 2021-05-26

Wandering persons and planets just want to be seen.

Notes / Back story

This my arrangement of an original song by Hyte Johnson, a guy I go to church with. I ran across the sheet music and a demo version of the song on his website, hytemusic.com and fell in love with the music. However, I wanted it to be a little longer and wanted to add and make some changes to the lyrics. I sent him my version and asked his permission to post it here, to which he kindly agreed.

The lyrics, well... let me tell you, I went down the rabbit hole on this one and spent several hours researching the path of Jupiter, and then I put a bunch of what I learned into the song and adapted it so that it's astronomically and personally accurate.

I was going to put some of what I learned here, but I guess I'll let you discover it on your own if you're interested.



You're staring at stars,
Seeing what others see.
Will you look for me?

They are where they are
Just where they'll always be
But can you find me?

Cause I'm
Wandering through the sky
And you may lose sight if you don't look ev'ry night
I'm moving, then backward
and then going forward again...

Looking for Jupiter
Oh, are you
Looking for Jupiter?


We've met before,
You even called me friend.
Will we meet again?

Your eyes seem so tired
And I feel so far away
Maybe I'm in retrograde.

But I'm here tonight and I say
I will be near tomorrow.
If you can't see me in the day
It doesn't mean that I'm gone!

Looking for Jupiter
Ah, are you
Looking for Jupiter?
Looking look for Jupiter.

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