Promise Me

~ 90's rock ~ 2007-06-20

Eternal love, with a beat you can dance to!

Notes / Back story

Some people find this one to be an odd juxtaposition of sweet lyrics and a George Michael dance groove. The melody line and some of the verses to this song were written by someone else who chooses to remain anonymous, but I took her ideas and expounded on them, then put them to a rock beat. She said that I wrecked her song forever and she would never be able to do anything with it now... so I guess it's ok if I post it here!

A year after writing this, I re-used my accompaniment to make a completely different song for an original musical that I wrote the music for. It's also posted on this site and is called 'Death Wears A Mask.'


Promise me
That our love will last forever
Oh, who'd have thought
We would ever be together

Please promise me
You will never break my heart
And I promise you
I will always do my part

My whole life I will give to you
If you only say
That you want me to

Oh, promise Me

Promise me
You will always be true
Oh and you will see
I will be faithful to you

Please promise me
To look at me with love each day
And I promise you
I will never go away

Ev'ry day my thoughts are filled with you
Will you dream with me
Of all the things that love can do

Oh, promise Me

And I'm never gonna have to wonder
If you'll still be here tomorrow
And you're never gonna have to pass your days
In loneliness and sorrow
And we're never gonna have to think about
What it would have been like to live without

Just Promise me
Yes, Promise me

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