Sitting There Alone In Church

~ Piano ballad with strings and clarinet, somber yet hopeful. ~ 2021-10-25

Even when you do your best to be a good person, sometimes hard, tragic and even unfair things happen. But when you feel alone, it might help to know you're not the only one.

Notes / Back story

Many of us have been through the traumatic experience of a family tearing apart.  A while back, a friend shared with me some of the thoughts and feelings she had while going through her experience, and many of those things she wrote became lyrics in this song.



On the pew with their family each Sunday they sat
So many children between them
So much love all around them

So many years,
Heaven was near,
Working and loving and growing
And knowing their lives were all going the way they should be.


As they sat there, well, someone went somewhere
And somehow somebody let something else get in the way
And day by day
Pretty soon, they
Found themselves lonely and longing
And all at once everything felt like an empty charade.


Will it ever be the same?
Can it ever really change?

Remember when our love was strong?
I'm feeling like I don't belong.

The pain is so sharp, I feel like I'm bleeding 
I can't continue this false life I'm leading

Was it ever real?


Sitting here alone in church
Sitting here alone in church

See them sit there, on separate benches
Thinking of Jesus while building their fences
And trying to move on with their lives
Though they were each other's lives

Knowing that Jesus, He came for the lonely
But He doesn't sit close with eyes for you only
And He doesn't get chills while holding your hand.

Silently watching the wind blow.

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