The Perfect

~ Rock/country with electric guitar ~ 2005-01-31

The one who has everything may not be the one who needs you the most.

Notes / Back story

I wrote this for my sister's 7th anniversary. It tells the story of her and her husband's dating. She wrote up the story and I read it and came up with this song. Don't miss the music video.


You're looking for the perfect man
A perfect life, a perfect plan
You say you need a guy with this and that

But some guy who has everything
Would have no need of anything
And one day he will go and leave you flat.

But I
Believe in you
And I'll wait
If you need me to
I am one hundred percent committed to
The eventual union of me and you

And you'll see
As time goes by
I can't stop
And I don't know why
But I'll be right here believing we
Can make it through eternity...

But you say I'm not the perfect dancer
And I am not a great romancer
And I am not the perfect lover
And I better go home and think it over
And somedays I get lazy and
You may just think I'm crazy and

I know
I may seem dumb
But I think
That our time will come
And you'll find that when you give in some-
day I've always been just waiting for my num-

-ber to be called
and my heart
will be enthralled
when I no longer am stonewalled
Ignored, trampled on or black-balled

And I know
You don't mean it
Cuz your heart
I have seen it
And there's not much more between it
And my own than just a sheen

It feels so good
Just to love you
Every day
I think of you
And it doesn't make a fool
If I do.


Well sometimes I get discouraged and I cannot shake the blues off
And I dirtied up your carpet cuz I didn't take my shoes off
I say classy entertainment is an hour of looney toons
And you may even catch me playing golf on sunny afternoons
You say that I am always lacking in responsibility
And that I never take a thing in my life serious-a-ly

You're right - I know you're right

All these things and more I know are true,
But I say you need someone who needs you

And that'd be me
That'd be me
That'd be me
That'd be me
That'd be me
That'd be me, that'd be me, that'd be me


I am not the perfect man,
No perfect life, no perfect plan
I'm less like a dream and more like family

But if you think I'm anything,
Then I will give you everything,
And if you want someone who loves you -

And that'd be me
That'd be me
That'd be me
That'd be me
That'd be me
That'd be me, that'd be me, that'd be me

Visitor Comments

A. R. Walser from United States ~ 2016-10-25 20:24:36 ~ This one that I first heard and was thrilled with the video, words, and the "country flavor" if you will. It is a winner in my estimation. : )

KNVS from United States ~ 2011-11-09 11:33:33 ~ your best song... EVER! although the animation is slightly cheesey. make more songs like this!

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