To The Rescue

~ soft rock narrative ~ 2006-09-01

In families, we sometimes have to rescue each other. Sometimes from ogres, sometimes from evil robots, sometimes from the desert.

Notes / Back story

This was written to go with a video my kids and I made about an amazing adventure. At the time, my wife had taken the kids and moved to Arizona from Utah to live with her parents. During this weekend I flew down to Phoenix for the weekend and stayed with the kids in a motel for a few days. We shot this video but the wind was really bad and the audio came out horrible. To save the project, after returning home I came up with this song. This was a pivotal one for me, because in the process of singing about how the champions were going to rescue the princess in the desert, I realized that I needed to move to Arizona to 'rescue' my kids from a life without their father.

I remember sitting and practicing the lyrics and then just breaking down and bawling, thinking about how bad I missed my kids and how much I needed to be there for them. So shortly after writing this, I packed up everything that I could fit into my suburban pulling a U-haul trailer and I moved to Arizona with no job and no plan, except to try and make my fledgling web design business work in a small rural town. Been here ever since, and have never regretted it.


Oh we were bored! We were bored! We were really, really bored!
Yeah, we were bored, and thinking ev'ry thing was lame.
Should we play with sticks? (naw) Should we climb a tree? (I don't think so)
Pick our nose? (Oh... maybe) Then a princess came.

"Wow!" We said, "Wow! And where did you come from?"
"Never mind that," she said, "Don't just sit there looking dumb!"

"I have gifts for each of you to help you in your journey.
They may not look like much to you, but they're important; you'll see
A little something for you, and something for you,
And when the time comes, you'll know what to do."

Hey, where did she go? Well I guess we'll never know
And left us holding what? A bottle with nothin' in it
Yeah, great, I got one too, and it's just the same as you
But what to use it for? Huh...well... just give me a minute

Could we fill it up with something, or just look through it?
Whatever it is, I don't know how to do it.
Hey, look at this, guys, I got a little statue
Don't know what it's for, but at least it doesn't match you.


Hey, what was that? It sounds like the princess.
I guess this must be our time to go
But check this out, hey, now there's something in this.
A little note, and it goes like so:

To the desert! To the desert!
You will find me in the desert
Please come quick, right now, before it is too late
To the rescue, to the rescue
We will find you in the desert
We have heard you and we will not hesitate!

So we ventured towards the desert, And we found a mighty chasm,
It was scary but we knew we had to try.
Well, the first of us jumped over, man if you want guts, he has 'em
And the rest of us then took our turn to fly.

Then we moved into the desert, getting tired and getting hot,
We were thinking that we'd like to take a rest
But then we saw you in the distance, being taken by the bad man
And we knew it was time to do our best.

In the sand, as we have mentioned, came across a strange invention
And an arrow that was showing us the way
Well, instead of doing nuttin', someone had to push the button
And as we we transported, we heard you say:

"To the jungle, to the jungle,
You will find me in the jungle
Work together, and I know you will succeed!"
So to the rescue, to the rescue!
We will find you in the jungle
We will save you in your time of greatest need!

So we forged into the forest, and we finally reached a clearing,
And there we saw the bad man face to face.
Well he told us we were though, and there was nothing we could do,
And sent two psycho robot monsters in his place.

But the statue that you gave us let us all have special powers,
And we found that we could fight these mighty foes,
So we battled round and round until they finally were defeated,
Let me tell you though, they kept us on our toes.

Then we ran, we ran like crazy, we were tired, but we weren't lazy
And we caught up to the bad man soon enough
And he threw lightning, we heard thunder, but he couldn't put us under
So he chickened out; yeah he thought we played too rough.

And we lost him! Yeah, we lost him! And we haven't found the princess!
And now we're stuck and don't know where to go
Hey, wait a second, just a minute... The other bottle's got something in it
Another message and this one goes like so:

"To the swampland, to the swampland,
You will find me in the swampland,
I'm a pris'ner and I cannot get away"
To the rescue, to the rescue!
We will find you in the swampland
We have seen you and will set you free today!

Then an ogre who was hairy, who was naked, bald and scary
Tried to stop us and to make us turn around,

He tried to drown us and to kill us, but the cause of good did fill us
And we vanquished him and knocked him to the ground

Then at last there was the bad man, who had now become the sad man,
We had beaten all his beasts and robots too.
Yeah, he could whine and he could cry, but it had come his time to die,
So we killed him. What did you think we'd do?

Through the desert! Through the jungle!
We will save you in the swampland.
There is nothing that can stop us, not today
To the rescue! To the rescue!
We will always come and find you
We will always come and rescue you this way.

Through the desert, through the desert
Through the jungle, through the jungle
Through the swampland, through the swampland

To the rescue! To the rescue!
We're all running to the rescue,
We will always come and rescue you this way.

We will always come and rescue you this way.
This way.

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