A Cry For Love: Death Wears A Mask

~ musical theater, 90's rock ~ 2007-08-18

Written for the original musical, A Cry For Love, based on the life of Amedeo Modigliani.
Death is tricky. He uses many tricks to hide from you and catch you by surprise.

Notes / Back story

For me, this is one of the most fun songs I have ever done. The accompaniment is the same as what I wrote for 'Promise Me'. Even the melody line is similar, but the lyrics and message are COMPLETELY different. I recorded this with a haunting 'voodoo' Jamaican voice that fit with the imagery we used in the play. The background was a video projection of various tribal masks.



Death wears a mask
So you cannot recognize him
For all you know
You could be standing right beside him

Death wears a mask
Because he wants you to be scared
To make you run away
For you can never be prepared

Death wears a mask
So you can't see his true face
And who will you tell
Once he takes you on from this place

Death wears a mask
Death wears a mask
Death wears a mask


Death wears a mask
Because he is ashamed
He's twisted and deformed
And his face is filled with pain.

Death wears a mask
So you can't guess what cards he's holding
He's got a perfect poker face
So he can bluff you into folding

Death wears a mask,
And he'll put his mask on you.
Death wears a mask
And you will too.

Death wears a mask
Death wears a mask
Death wears a mask

And so ev'ry single night you wonder if you'll be here in the morning
Cuz you're never gonna know it's time to go, it comes without a warning
Yeah, just something that you gotta think about, cuz nobody found a way of gettin' out...

Hey, Death wears a mask
Death wears a mask
Death wears a mask

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KCVS from United States ~ 2012-09-09 18:06:28 ~ Awesome! It usually scares me at the end when I haven't listened to it for a while.

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