A Cry For Love: Departure

~ ballad ~ 2007-08-20

Written for the original musical, A Cry For Love, based on the life of Amedeo Modigliani.
Saying goodbye to a loved one is a bittersweet experience.

Notes / Back story

This was one of my first experiences in writing music based on lyrics by someone else. I found that it was much easier than I expected to get my head into the author's frame of mind. Maybe that's not the best way to describe it, though. What I actually do is react to the effect that the text had on me. The simple repeating accompaniment of this song brings a sense of peace and resolution, while the words portray a sense of longing and loss. I love the way it fits together.

Vocals by Laurie Gowin.


Lyrics taken from the poem 'Departure' by Henry Van Dyke

Oh, why are you shining so bright, big Sun,
And why is the garden so gay?
Do you know that my days of delight are done,
Do you know I am going away?
If you covered your face with a cloud, I 'd dream
You were sorry for me in my pain,
And the heads of the flowers all bowed would seem
To be weeping with me in the rain.

But why is your head so low, sweet heart,
And why are your eyes overcast?
Are they clouded because you know we must part,
Do you think this embrace is our last?
Then kiss me again, and again, and again,
Look up as you bid me good-bye!
For your face is too dear for the stain of a tear,
And your smile is the sun in my sky.

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