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~ A cappella funky rock ~ 2006-06-01

Why is this blatantly commercial project mixed in with a bunch of personal projects? Three reasons: It shows some of my earliest professional work, it's funny, it shows me on camera (very rare) and oh yeah, I never made any money on it so it's not really a commercial project now, is it? Wait... that's four reasons. Oh well.

Notes / Back story

I pounded the pavement and came up with this goofy outfit with big dreams. I put a lot of work into this one all by myself because I couldn't afford to pay anybody else. Then they saw the finished product and didn't think it was professional enough for their clientele. Projects like this taught me in future years to always get a down payment.

    You may note that on this project I did:
  • Research and Script writing
  • Video production
  • Video editing and graphics
  • Music writing and recording
  • Sung all the parts on the songs
  • Did the voice over
  • Acted in the video
  • Created the costumes and props (I paid $38 for that hat, which was too big... the first thing I ever bought for a production!

I first mastered the complete soundtrack, then played it out loud on a CD player under a little pagoda in my back yard so I could interact with it. I had to start the soundtrack, start the camera (a consumer-grade DV cam) and then run around and be in the video. The green screen was duct-taped to a cinderblock wall and it kept peeling loose and falling down... ruined a couple of takes.

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