I Need Music Now

~ show choir ~ 2011-06-10

A peppy short and fluffy number about how if your life is lame maybe you need more music in it.

Notes / Back story

This is going to be a long history so get ready. One thing that some of us musical / dramatic people like to do is sing on an empty stage when nobody is around. I've done it a lot. I think it's something to do with envisioning success. Anyway, I was doing that one day at Weber College in Ogden, UT during my short stint as a student there, trying to finish my music education degree and I made up the yell at the beginning and end of this song. It was pure primal instinct, just opened up my throat and let come out whatever wanted to.

Soon after that I added a bass part, then filled in the gaps and made this an a cappella number which I taught to my 'singing servers' down at the Good Time Spaghetti Company back in the late 90's. We did it for quite a few performances, and then that job ended and the song fell into disuse. At that time it was called "The Spumoni Yell" because Spumoni was the name of our little group; also the name of the ice cream we served there. The main chorus words were a little different that what they are now as well.

Well lately I've been trying to revive some of those great old songs and I'm currently teaching a two-week summer class for kids on singing. I got to thinking that it wouldn't be too hard to take the backup vocal parts and turn it into an accompaniment I could use for my students. (They're all pretty young and we're just doing unison singing.) Tonight at about 8:30pm I started working on it, and here it is only 2am and I finished! I've even gone into the 'studio' bedroom and recorded it, mixed it and now as you see I'm posting it here.



Goin' crazy
Life is crazy
Makes you crazy

There must be
Somethin' missin'
If you just take
Time to listen

There must be something we can do
To help you find your own way through, oh yeah!

There's gotta be a way to find the line

Too much of this and none of that
If you don't know just where you're at
Then yell out loud in the crowd:

I need music now, right now
I need music now, right now

Give me some music now!


Visitor Comments

Anonymous from United States ~ 2015-11-22 22:33:04 ~ Nice! I like the word changes. I'd like to hear it done with a show choir.

MVS from United States ~ 2011-08-21 17:56:30 ~ Sounds like a perfect way to resurrect this song. BVS can't help dancing to it!

Helge Sverre from Norway ~ 2011-08-02 23:35:25 ~ Very nice music Kelly!

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