~ Soft Rock ~ 2011-08-08

Saving the planet is a great idea (except when it just becomes another excuse for federal control) and has many battle cries: Save the whales, save the rain forests, save the baby seals, etc. But slightly more important goal is to save the humans. Just sayin', no point in saving the planet if we destroy ourselves.

Notes / Back story

Recently I went to the local landfill to shoot video for a recycling and waste disposal company. I was there after hours all by myself, and as I walked over the miles of garbage I became very 'disappointed' with how much we really waste as a society. The garbage of the day had been left uncovered and was blowing freely around the area, and as I took it all in this song came to mind. Then as I thought more about it later, I realized that the amount of garbage we waste was only a small problem compared to the amount we take in; the amount we watch on TV and other media, and the amount we hold in our minds.

So in this song I try to capture the really big picture: Yes, we should care for our world and all the things on it but more importantly we should take care not to pollute ourselves as individuals and a society. And after that, of course, we could always be nice to each other too.

Save the humans!



I wouldn't call myself an environmentalist
You won't catch me chaining myself to this
Old growth, spotted owl, red squrrel habitat tree.

And I'm not too worried 'bout the baby seal,
Or real fur coats or meat in my meal
But there are a few things that have really been botherin' me.

How much are we wasting,
As we go on hasting
To live our lives of selfish comfort
What do we leave behind?

And all that I am sayin;
We're caught up in our playin
And I'm a little bit disappointed.
A little bit disappointed.


It's not any one thing that's buggin' me,
Just a lot of little things adding up to be
A problem with the way we ruin everything we have.

We got trash in the woods and trash on the street
And trash in the desert and under our feet,

We got trash on the radio, trash on TV,
Trash on the internet, trash, don't you see?

We got filth in our mouths and filth in the brain,
Poison in our stomachs, smoke it, shoot it through your veins

Corruption in the city, corruption in the state
Maybe it's too late!

And all that I am sayin'
The words that I am prayin'
As I find myself layin' down
Upon my bed to cry

Can we all do a little better?
Cuz we're all in this together.
I'm a little bit disappointed.

instrumental break


I believe we're falling from the cliff now
Get back from the edge; no-one seems to know how
Save the planet? Why would we do that?
What are we saving it for?

We are the most endangered species
Killing ourselves can be so easy
The enemy within us rotting us from the core.

So come and join the chorus,
Nobody's gonna do it for us,
God will not ignore us,
Children, share the blue-green ball.

The freedom we are losing
By the path that we are choosing
I'm a little bit disappointed.


And all that I am sayin'
The words that I am prayin'
As we all are layin' down
Upon the ground to die

The freedom we are losing
By the path that we are choosing
I'm a little bit disappointed.

And all that I am sayin'
The words that I am prayin'
As we all are layin' down
Upon the ground to die

The freedom we are losing
By the path that we are choosing
I'm a little bit disappointed.

A little bit disappointed
A little bit disappointed (Save the humans)
A little bit disappointed

Visitor Comments

MVS from United States ~ 2011-08-21 17:45:16 ~ Hey Kel loved the concept of this song, it expresses well one of the major problems of our society.

anonymous from United States ~ 2011-08-10 08:00:51 ~ I like your trash song, Kelly. As I mentioned before, when I watched your recycling ad I was somewhat moved to be a bit more careful about how much I throw away. I have long been a proponent of Saving the Humans and agree with your premise that we are more important than the spotted owl or red squirrel. I further like that you have carried the thought into the realm of trash we put into our minds and hearts. Much more even than how many paper towels we use! I like the song a lot. It's catchy and positive and puts forward the idea in a musically fun way and without being too preachy. Good idea for a song and a nice song.

KVSE from United States ~ 2011-08-10 07:56:51 ~ Thanks for sharing your latest song. I was also dismayed at our society recently when I saw an "Instant, Disposable Barbeque Grill" for sale at WalMart. "Instant" and "disposable"--dont' those two words just epitomize our society?

dklvs from United States ~ 2011-08-09 18:42:19 ~ I really like the message of this song. It is very thought provoking. I strongly agree that we, as a people, need to wake up and realize what we are allowing to happen in our lives. We CAN do better. I will certainly try to do better. Thank you for sharing this song with me.

NVS from United States ~ 2011-08-09 10:26:19 ~ Some good points made here in a few short verses. I like the line "Children, share the blue-green ball" Thanks for sharing. Baby seals are cute though.

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