Van Shaar Productions Jingle

~ Rock ~ 2012-10-11

One voice in the desert: Well, I think it's catchy.

Notes / Back story

I originally wrote this back in march of 2007, just about the time I moved back to Safford from Utah. I had visited with the guys who ran 3 of the top local radio stations and made a deal with them to build them a web site in exchange for ad time on the radio.

When they heard the commercial, they didn't like it. They thought it was too vague and didn't provide enough info about the business, so I ended up going with another version that had the same background music, but only had a little bit of the singing and the rest was speaking.

But still, I like the original version. I woke up singing it this morning, so I did a quick re-edit and I'm posting it here in it's semi-original form.


One voice in the desert (Van Shaar Productions)
Van Shaar Productions

There's a new ol' name in town,
Media production like you've never found
A wedding video or a web site, yo,
A radio commercial or a new logo

Music, video, web and 3D
For you or your group or your company

( in Safford)

You need it, I can tell it,
Lemme tell you how to spell it:


Visitor Comments

KNVS from United States ~ 2012-10-14 18:19:11 ~ ya. catchy. :)

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