All Too Busy

~ Soft Rock Ballad(?) ~ 2012-10-28

Maybe we're so busy running in circles that we miss the point.

Notes / Back story

This song was written by my brother Nathan while he was in the mission field. He sent it home on an audio tape and years ago I did an arrangement for 5 a cappella voices that was never performed. Recently I found the old files and made this arrangement, for solo voice with piano accompaniment.


Why are we all so busy
Heaping coals upon the fire
That keeps all so busy
How busy you and I are

All this complicated thinking
Covering up what is not right
Why don't we clear our minds
Lift our eyes and see the light?

We're struggling with the words
We're trying to stop the hurt
That comes when you don't fight
What you need to feel inside

But we won't give up
We won't give up the fight
Because we've got these dreams
And they're keeping us alive.

Visitor Comments

tyranttamer from United States ~ 2012-12-07 18:49:20 ~ Kelly - Lots of meaning. Last verse paints my picture. Might be it's why I've lived to be 80. Walt

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