Minor Piano Waltz

~ Piano Instrumental ~ 2012-07-09

My arrangement of some background music I liked.

Notes / Back story

I was watching a documentary on a group that was taking care of old people, giving them the dignity of good places to live without forcing them into a retirement home, and they used this song in the background. There was no info in the credits about where it came from; it could have been custom-written for this production or it could have been royalty-free production music. I don't know, but I loved it... well, almost. There were a few chord progressions that bugged me. So I recorded the audio from my DVR and transcribed it manually, fixing it as I went along. Here is my version.

Visitor Comments

A. R. Walser from United States ~ 2016-10-25 20:52:20 ~ This arrangement sounds so familiar. Is it the background music for "Turning Point?"on ByuTv. it is catchy and stays with me in my mind! Thank you for sharing it. --------------------------------------- Yes, yes, it is. With some slight changes.

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