Ol' Man River

~ Show tune ~ 2005-08-27

Me singing the old classic

Notes / Back story

I performed this at a single adults concert in the old Provo Tabernacle. At that time it was being used as a community center for a lot of concerts, etc. I even attended an Extempo concert there (which is where I found out that they were looking for a replacement bass for a few shows, which is how I ended up singing with them for a while!)

Since that time, the tabernacle burned down and is now being rebuilt as an LDS temple.

I love the powerful feeling of the song, and what it has to say about living through hardship.

Visitor Comments

A. R. Walser from United States ~ 2016-10-25 20:37:17 ~ Beautifully sung. I really like the range of your voice and how you carry it throughout the song. I also noticed after I heard it, my husband was listening and began to whistle the melody! Amazing.

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