Crashing Through

~ Classical ~ 2014-07-26

There are many children out there in need of good homes, and many of us who could do more than we are doing.

Notes / Back story

I wrote this once again to express feelings that I was having. The idea was in my head when I woke up one morning. Still, this was a difficult one for me to put together. I struggled to get the wording just right, and I also went through a lot of changes on the music and the instruments before I found something that sounded right. I have probably spent between 30 and 40 hours on putting this all together.


Out there
In the darkness
There are lonely ones
There are hungry ones

Help them
Can you help them?
Can you do something?
Can you do anything?

Sitting in your comfy home,
Leftovers going bad
Air conditioned empty rooms
Watching TV 'til you're mad

What are your barriers?
Someone out there needs a loving hand.

What are your barriers?
The need is greater than you understand.

God is watching
Over His young ones
Whether they know Him or not
Whether they give Him a thought

Stranded and alone
Through no fault of their own
But precious in His eyes
And they must have a home

What are your barriers?
Someone out there needs to hold your hand.

Break down those barriers
It's more important than you understand.

Instrumental break
(ring around the rosy,
pocket full of posey,
Ashes, Ashes we all fall down.)

You may
Feel the calling
Whether you're ready or not
Whether you give it a thought

You may have your barriers
Your disabilities
You may have your reasons
Your inconveniences

Hurry, now
Someone is crashing through
Someone in need of you
And no one else will do

Break down your barriers!
Everybody needs a loving hand.

Let go of your barriers
Let go of your barriers


No time for barriers
Someone out there needs a loving hand.

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