Joseph's Little One

~ Christmas Lullaby ~ 2014-12-20

What might the birth of Jesus have been like from Joseph's point of view?

Notes / Back story

My remake of a little-known Christmas song originally published in The New Era (an LDS church magazine for youth) in the 80's.

The music is mostly the same but I changed a lot of the words.



Little one,
Last night an angel came unto me
And told me you are divine
Though I know you are not mine.

Little one,
I will raise you as my own son
Help you increase in light and truth
All throughout your youth.
And keep you safe from harm.

Little one,
I am just a man,
I don't understand
Why I was blessed with this chance.
Litte one.


Little one,
On this night you are born to us
In a stable so bare,
Not the home I would have prepared.

Little one,
People are gath'ring near,
They all know where you are,
Wise men from afar,
By the light of the star

Little one,
I don't understand,
This humble circumstance
For the birth of God's son,
Little one.


Little one,
We present you in the temple
And a man says as he trembles,
"Lord... mine eyes have seen thy salvation!"

Others come
And testify of your divinity;
The fulfillment of prophecy.
The Messiah is come this day!

Little one,
It was enough for me
That you were just my son
But I know you must go on
Little one


Little son,
I will care all my life for you
But according to prophecy
There will come a day you'll bleed and die for me

Holy Son,
May I ask just one thing of thee
That I might not be there to see
that awful scene...
For I would not let them take you.

Son of God,
Savior of all mankind,
Immanuel, Light of the World,
Son of mine,
Little one.

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dklvs from United States ~ 2016-11-20 21:13:44 ~ Beautiful! This brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it.

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