Six Fifty Two

~ Contemplative, soft piano with vocal ~ 2017-01-16

Ponderings on the welcoming of a new life to the world. Written on the night/morning my first child had his first child.

Notes / Back story

I wrote most of this song the night my oldest son Ky and his wife Heather went to the hospital to give birth to their first child. Except the very end section (as noted in the lyrics). The music for that was in my head when I woke up the next morning, within minutes of the time he was actually born.

So, if you follow the timeline through the music, I left the night with a question hanging in the air. I thought I might leave the song like that, and when you listen to it you might think that feels like the end. But then the next morning there was a musical answer. I went to the computer and wrote it in, and the words came naturally after the music was done. You music people might also notice a big tempo change right there, and that it goes into a '3' feel when it was '4' all along.

I marked the verses with the approximate time I wrote them, so you can see the progression through the night.

I recorded the vocals between 8 and 9 that same morning, then mixed it all together from 9 to 10am, and now here I am posting it.

During the night, the working title of the song was 'Maybe'. Then when I went to bed, I thought I might call it "12:21" because that's what the clock said and it's kindof a cool looking number on a digital clock. I thought I might also call it 'Song', which fits but is really kindof ambiguous. I also considered naming it 'Spark' which is kinda funny because my brother Mike and his wife Robyn called their baby girl 'Sparky' until she was born. But now, of course, the name of the song is the time the baby was born.


It's late at night and I
Look up at the cloudy sky

Knowing sometime before the dawn
A tiny new light may come on

And the world will hear
One more song.

Just a little spark
Floating in a sea of dark

Will it be seen, will it be known
Will it burn bright all on it's own

Will anyone listen
To that song?

In a world billions strong
Will anyone listen
To that new song?

Oh yes, they will.
Yes, they will.
Oh, someone will.

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