Being A Kid

~ Soft piano ballad ~ 2017-01-21

Commendations to the good dads who play with their children.

Notes / Back story

This one was motivated by the birth of my oldest son's first child, also a son. It's a very personal and emotional one for me about the importance of good fathers.


Do you remember
When you were first born
and we held you when you cried in the night,
Making ev'rything all right?

Or maybe when you were one
And learning to walk
And we thought it was fun and we cheered
When you could stand up on your own?

Of course not;
You were just a little kid.

And as the years took flight
We taught you to speak
And to read and to write
And we smiled with you
When the letters first made sense.

And we played lots of little kid games
With blocks and with cars
And with marbles and trains
And we knew as you grew
You wouldn't always be a kid
But there's nothing wrong with being a kid.

And we played for days with your little stuffed bunny
Made all your animals talk really funny
And when it was warm, we'd go to the park
And play until dark.
And play until dark.

And as you've grown up,
Maybe you've looked back
And thought the things you used to like were silly;
Ashamed of yourself.

But as you go on
Raising your own son
I hope you'll take the time;
Play with him.

Because, remember, that all of those times when we played silly games
Or did little kid things...
I was already grown.
And could have been doing grown-up things on my own

But I was there with you
Just like my Dad taught me to do
And loving it too.

'Cause there's nothing wrong with being a kid.
And there's nothing wrong with loving a kid.
No there's nothing wrong with being a kid.
And there's nothing wrong with loving a kid.

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