Choose Joy

~ Jamaican / Carribean / Reggae with a heavy rock beat ~ 2017-10-04

Looking for ways to be happy? Here's a handy list, presented in an up-beat, laid-back Carribean style.

Notes / Back story

I've been thinking a lot lately about how the scriptures say that in the last days, men's hearts shall fail them. I think that at least partially that is referring to the amount of depression, discouragement, and general feeling of hopelessness and lack of motivation that we see in the world around us.

So, thinking on how to combat these conditions, someone pointed out to me a great talk given by Ezra Taft Benson in 1974, before he became the prophet and leader of the LDS Church. The talk was called Do Not Despair.

Also, a request has gone out recently for song sumbissions for the 2018 EFY album, and the theme is 'Choose Joy.' I thought, "Hey, I have something to say about that!"

So, here's the song. It mentions all of the 12 principles from the talk, plus a few more. I originally recorded it not in a Jamaican accent, but it sounded a little too preachy. So, I redid some the of the instrumentation and did it in this style, because honestly, who's going to be offended by a laid-back Jamaican dude telling you how to be happy? They're all about the happy, right? Bobby McFerrin, "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and Alex Boye, "When Life Gives You Lemons". Neither of whom is Jamaican, let me point out, and both of whom are faking the accent just like me. Well ok, maybe better than me. But still.


You may call me foolish
The way I go around
With a smile across my face
And my feet rarely on the ground

You may think I'm a crazy one
With my head up in the clouds
While there is misery all around me
And the screaming is so loud.


Well, I prefer the term optomist
And let me tell you, friend,
It's not always easy
Enduring to the end

But faced with the alternative
Of giving up today

I choose joy, joy, joy
I choose joy
I choose joy, joy, joy
I choose joy.

I find something to be gratetful for
Some reason to be kind
Any excuse to help a friend
Or stranger left behind.

Repent, and be forgiving
Let go and keep on living
Have faith, and find a reason
To never stop believin.


I know you can't just choose the way you feel
Like pulling puppet strings
But I think I found the secret:
If you wanna feel good, do good things.

I choose joy, joy, joy
I choose joy
I choose joy, joy, joy
I choose joy

Don't fill your life with garbage
Then wonder why you feel like garbage.

Be kind to your body and your mind.
Sing. Smile. Go outside for a while.

Have good friends. Set goals and work to accomplish them.
Turn of the TV. Get off the web.

Keep yourself free from addiction,
Take a little time to listen

I'm not telling you who to be,
But it makes a lotta sense to me.
Don't sit there in misery!
Go fill your life with

Joy, joy, joy,
Choose joy
I choose joy, joy, joy
Choose joy

And take the time to fast and pray
Study the scriptures every day.

And if you want a blessing
Then ask for a blessing!

There is sunshine in my soul today
Sunshine in my soul.
Sunshine in my soul today
Sunshine in my soul.

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