Then It Hit Me

~ Piano, peaceful ~ 2017-10-17

The realization that in spite of all our faults, a loving parent is a lifelong friend we often take for granted until it's too late.

Notes / Back story

A musical retelling of an actual experience I had, while thinking about my dad going in for heart surgery and not being sure if I would ever see him again in this life.


I was up before the sun
Pulling weeds and thinking on
The lifetime we have known each other.

And in the flimsy gray pre-dawn
Remembering the days and times I
Let you down

And then it hit me
Then it hit me
That long ago, you let go
Of any disappointment you had in me.

That long ago, you let go
And now I'm thinkin, maybe so should I...

So at the coming of the day
I threw those weeds away
And I smiled and embraced the light.

And then I let the memories play
One after another in my mind
We did not always agree; we approached life differently

Then it hit me
Then it hit me

That all along,
Yes, all along,
You have been The Great Believer in my life.

All along,
Yes, all along.
And now I find I'm hoping you were right.
Hope you were right.

And as the sun rose in the sky
I realized that I
Can only see how quickly it moves
At either end of the day.

And as the sunlight made me cry,
When it landed on my eyes,
I thought how life is the same way.

That's when it hit me
When it hit me
That it may be a long time
Until we have the chance to meet again.

Yes, it may be a long ol' time
And I have never had a truer friend.
A truer friend.

My friend.

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