Space Filler Makes Headlines ~ 2011-08-10

Well, I was developing this web site and I needed some space filler to see how the page layout would look with text on it. For one of the columns I did the logical thing and went and grabbed some lorem ipsum, but then suddenly I felt the need to be creative. I just started typing and this is what came out. The client was a little humiliated by it because apparently he'd been sending some people to check out the site. He wants me to take it down now, but I think it's kinda clever so I'm memorializing it here. I was just telling Danielle earlier today that maybe sometime I should write a song with the most inane lyrics possible. This could be the potential source for that future work.

Why Are The Rhinocerae Wild?

by Kelly Van Shaar

Why are the rhinocerae wild?

Said the child.

Are they running for fear of the gun?

Are they cryin' for fear of the lion?

Why are the rhinocerae wild?

Foolish child, don't you know

The rhinocerae go

Wherever they please in the grass or the trees

And whoever prevents them will die on their knees

So why are they wild?

None can make them be mild.