A Wicked and Adulterous Generation ~ 2012-11-15

I've heard the phrase all my life; it's used by Christ in The New Testament, Matthew 16:4. It's also used in The Book of Mormon, Mosiah 1:13 and similar phrases such as 'evil and adulterous' are used as well. Until the other day I never stopped to think about what it really means. 'A wicked and adulterous generation' is one that has gone beyond just regular wickedness to adultery, which is only one step from the ultimate sin of murder. And guess what... we're there, folks. Acceptance of sexual sin is nearly universal. Abstinence before marriage, faithfulness afterward. That's the rule. Has been since the Garden of Eden. But every so often, a culture gets to the point of accepting immorality so completely as a way of life that it cannot be fixed, and that's when it gets wiped out. It could be through disease, famine, natural disaster, conflict from within or slaughter by an enemy, but when you get to the point of accepting sexual sin as a perfectly normal way of life, it really doesn't matter how much you're doing to fight breast cancer or stop playground bullying. It really doesn't matter how much funding you give to the schools or how much you appreciate the fine arts.

Even the 'good' shows are full of it. Even the shows where the good guys are good and the bad guys are good are still full of the doctrine that sexual promiscuity is ok... in fact it's normal. Well, it doesn't work. Never has; never will.